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Portobello stretches gulf-to-bay with gorgeous views of sunrises and sunsets. It is a perfect home for owners and guests alike. This 69 unit residential community is home to permanent residents and second-homeowners. In addition, tenants are welcome to visit for one month or more.

With amenities ranging from beach and pool, a tennis court, boat and fishing dock, kayak launch and grill area, Portobello is the perfect size and a perfect get away from it all to relax with neighbors, family, and friends.


Beautiful Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. 600 Ft. of great sandy beach for our Portobello Community.

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Beach Rules

1. Do not leave beach chairs, lounges, tents, umbrellas or personal items on the beach overnight.

2. Be respectful of others. Please clean up and properly dispose of all your trash after use of the beach.

3. Have fun, don’t forget the sun block.

Portobello has a 25,000 Gal heated pool. NO DIVING is allowed. The pool rules are posted on the East side of the pool and must be followed. Chairs and tables are available first come first serve. No lifeguard is present. Please enjoy but clean up after yourself.

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Important Information

Location: Bay Side “B” Building

Hours: 7:30am to 9:30pm

Swimming Pool Rules

The following rules and regulations shall relate to the use and enjoyment of the swimming pool.

(a) Pool hours: 7:30 am to 9:30 pm.

(b) Who May Use the Pool: The pool is limited to owners, renters, and guests.

(c) Capacity: Pool load capacity: 15 people.

(d) Risk: Use of the pool is at one’s own risk. Lifeguards are not provided.

(e) No smoking: Smoking of any smoking-related products is prohibited in the enclosed pool area.

(f) Children: Children under twelve (12) years of age using the pool shall be under the visual control and physical presence of a responsible adult at all times.

(g) Dirt and Debris: Beach debris, sand, and excess suntan lotion or oil must be washed off before entering the pool; an outside shower on the patio is available for that purpose.

(h) Activity: No running, horseplay, and unnecessary noise will be allowed in the pool area.

(i) No Diving allowed anywhere in the pool.

(j) Outlets and Inlets: Swimmers shall not play with or sit on any suction outlet (drain) or wall vacuum fittings.

(k) Hair Restraint: Long hair must be pulled back into a ponytail or a bathing cap should be worn.

(l) Jewelry: Jewelry should be removed before entering the pool.

(m) Pool Furniture: Furniture may be moved only within the pool area. Furniture shall be returned to its original position and location after use, and may not be reserved. Please cover chairs with towels or clothing to protect them from suntan oils and lotions.

(n) Personal Property: Leaving unattended personal property in the swimming pool area is prohibited.

(o) Glass Containers: No glass shall be brought into the pool area.

(p) Non Glass Beverage Containers: Beverages in paper and plastic containers or in their original aluminum containers are permitted a minimum of four feet from the pool; the four feet area is considered by Florida regulations to be a “wet deck”. Beverages are prohibited by state regulations in this wet deck area.

(q) No Eating by the Pool: Consumption of food in the pool area is prohibited as required by State of Florida pool regulation. Pool users must clean up and dispose of all trash in the appropriate receptacle. No attendant is on duty so please clean up the area after use.

(r) Incontinence: Any person (adult or child) who is incontinent or not fully toilet trained must wear appropriate waterproof clothing, such as swim diapers designed for pool use, when entering or being carried into the pool per Florida regulation.

(s) Music: “Audible Music”, maintained at a reasonable volume, is permissible in the pool area for a one (1) hour period 10am-11am each day for the purpose of enhancing our owners’ water exercise programs. At all other times, earphones must be used in the pool area when listening to radios, tapes, and/or CD players, etc.

(t) Pool Cover: The pool cover must be removed and the pool opened before being inside the pool fenced area, sitting in the pool area, or using the pool. Florida regulation requires authorized persons (maintenance personnel) only to be allowed inside the fenced area when a non-load supporting cover is

Lighted Dock for fishing, temporarily tie up your boat, or just watching wildlife and relaxing. Dock has a fish cleaning station and benches for relaxing while you fish, read or just do nothing.

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Boardwalk, Boat Dock Use

The following shall relate to the use and enjoyment of the Boardwalk, Fishing and Boat dock:

(a) Who May Use : Use is limited to owners, renters and guests.

(b) Risk: Use is completely at one’s own risk.

(c) Child Use: Children less than twelve (12) years of age must be under the visual control and in the presence of a responsible adult at all times. It is strongly advised and encouraged that Children under 12 wear an appropriate life vest.

(d) Activity: Running, horseplay, and unnecessary noise are strictly prohibited.

(e) No swimming: Swimming off the dock or kayak launch area is prohibited.

(f) No Overnight: Overnight “camping” in boats is not allowed.

(g) Trash and Litter: No fishing gear, bait, food, drink, clothing, etc. shall be left on the boardwalk, boat dock, or kayak rack. Please clean up after yourself.

(h) Use of boat docks:

(1) Capacity: No individual boat shall take up more than half the dock length.

(2) Boat spaces: Boat docking is for temporary use only while in residence on a first come, first serve basis. Long term docking is not allowed. Docking up to two weeks while in residence will be allowed with advance notification. For use longer than three days, the maintenance supervisor or Property Management Company must be notified.

(3) No feeding or provision of fresh water to wildlife from the Boardwalk/Boat dock.

Kayak Launch Area and Rack Space. Space is first come first serve. Kayaks must be registered with office.

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Important Information

Location: Bay Side Near South of Boardwalk

Kayak Rack & Launch Use

(1) The Portobello Kayak Storage Rack: Storage is first come, first serve for owners. No one is guaranteed a kayak space. Listed family members, guests of owners, and renters may temporarily use the rack. Due to the limited number of spaces available for storage, the Kayak rack should not be used for long term storage if possible, i.e. many owners are only at Portobello during the “high” season of December through April. Kayaks should be stored off site when owners are to be absent for long periods. In no case will renters, loaners, and family guests leave a kayak on the rack after they have vacated.

(2) Identification: All kayaks must have identification and be registered with the Association. Before using the rack, all kayak owners (guests, family members, and renters included) must contact the Portobello onsite maintenance supervisor or the property manager office to obtain and fill out an HOA approved Kayak information and registration sheet.

(3) Kayaks must be stored on available rack space. No ground storage will be permitted. After reasonable notice to the listed owner on file, kayaks left on the ground may be removed at owner’s expense by the Association. Kayaks left on the ground that are not identified and registered with the Association may be removed and disposed of.

(4) All users store and launch kayaks at their own risk.

(5) Portobello Owners Association will not be responsible for theft or any damage to stored kayaks.

Community Room with a Full Kitchen and meeting space. room includes a Large TV and with HD Cable for Movies and Sports. The Cable has Netflix connection for movie watching.

WiFi Hot Spot for computer use in the room and near pool for Portobello Community.

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Important Information

Location: Bay Side Building Fronting the Pool

Hours: 8:00am to 11:00pm

Clubroom Rules

(a) Reservations: The Club Room may be reserved for a private party that must conclude by 11PM. A sign-up Web site page and a calendar will be available in the kitchen area to reserve the room.

(b) Clean up your own space. A fee of $50 will be charged if the room is not left in a clean, neat, and orderly condition as determined by the onsite Maintenance Supervisor.

(c) Children: Children are not be permitted to use the Club Room without the presence of a responsible adult.

(d) TV and Internet Hotspot Use: Use the Clubroom for TV viewing or use the Internet hotspot if the room is not in use. If the Club Room has been reserved in advance, please promptly vacate at the time people arrive and allow the person(s) or group reserving the room to have it during the reserved time.

Picnic area has a charcoal grill and tables for cooking out. First come first serve.

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