Aging in Paradise


No, that’s not the title of the latest James Michener adaptation, it’s a resource center on the island brought to our attention by Janice and George Abizaid at a recent board meeting. The center’s purpose is to make every moment count as the aging process continues.

“Our hope is to give more peace of mind, more joy, more knowledge, more security and more health-related information to seniors on the island and surrounding area, in order to live independently, younger, with more dignity and vitality,” said Donna K. Dunio, executive director of the center. “While fading abilities and skills may take place, we offer information that can assist in those challenges.”

The Aging in Paradise Resource Center is located on the second floor of the Longboat Island Chapel 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, LBK. (They do not promote any particular religious community.)

To learn more, check out their website at