Updates & Announcements

Key fobs (the blue “chip” in the photo) and window stickers are now available from the Longboat Harbour office that will allow you to bring you car over to the beach pavilion, its parking lot and the car wash areas across the street. All you need to do is fill out their form and mail (or hand deliver) it to them at least two days before you come to pick up your fob or sticker. Read More
Two life rings and safety lines have been installed on the lamp posts on either side of the Sutton Place marina. If you ever need to throw one in an emergency, be sure to straighten out the line so it doesn’t tangle, then slip the loop on the end of the rope around your hand. That way, if a struggling victim pulls hard, they won’t yank the safety line away from you. Another tip when Read More
Did you ever wonder about the early history of Sutton Place? Who originally settled on LBK and who first developed this property? Did you know Sutton Place was originally named “Longboat Harbour South” or that in 1973, a corner two-bedroom corner condo in the midrise cost only $39,950? In the SP library (in the clubhouse) there is a great little four page document written by Crome R. Dollase on the occasion of SP’s 30th anniversary Read More



We are lucky to have manatees regularly visiting our marina. It’s good to keep in mind that there are strict laws about interacting with these endangered marine animals – remember to observe them at all times. For information about manatee viewing rules, check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife website by clicking here. Read More
Maintenance Director Tim Freck reports that we now have free WiFi available in the clubhouse. The router name and password are labeled on the side of the WiFi router (next to the new flatscreen TV.) So grab your iPad, head up to the Gulfside pool, and get going on Candy Crush or Words with Friends! Read More
No, not your relatives; bugs and rodents! Our friends at Pest Shield Sarasota offer this advice… If you leave your condo, villa or townhouse for an extended period of time, say one month or more, it’s important to not let the traps in drains to dry out. Sewer drain traps in sinks, tubs, toilets, washing machine drains, etc, when dry, can allow roaches, drain flies and rodents into your home. Placement of tight fitting plastic Read More