Ladies Luncheon

There was a great turnout for the Sutton Place Ladies Luncheon held March 29, 2018 at the Zota Restaurant.

Aging in Paradise

  No, that’s not the title of the latest James Michener adaptation, it’s a resource center on the island brought to our attention by Janice and George Abizaid at a recent board meeting. The center’s purpose is to make every moment count as the aging process continues. “Our hope is to give more peace of…Read More→

Drivers Reminded to Slooooooowwww Down!

Dateline November 10, 2014 – The board has received comments about a few folks driving their cars a bit too fast on the Sutton Place property. There are speed limit 15 mph signs posted around the parking lot, but that speed is a maximum for when the conditions are perfect and no pedestrians are present….Read More→

Swimming Pool Safety

  Please be sure to read the new pool rules signs.   Swimming is great exercise for people of all ages. Before you hit the water, it wouldn’t hurt to refresh your memory about swimming pool safety.   Swimming pools are a great resource for seniors in terms of health and socialization, but safety is…Read More→

New dogs Rule!

Sutton News Network, Bob Barker reporting – NEW FOR 2014: Dogs are only allowed in rentals that have previously been leased by the same renter with the same dog. If there have been complaints about the dog made to the management company, that dog may not return to the unit.

Be Careful What you Flush

As you may know, there are both cast iron pipes and PVC pipes in our buildings. If you put towelettes down the toilet – they don’t disintegrate very fast and they get hung up on the junction of the two types of pipes causing backups and stoppages. Just a little reminder that NOTHING BUT WHITE…Read More→