Beach Access key fobs now Available for SP Owners

Key fobs (the blue “chip” in the photo) and window stickers are now available from the Longboat Harbour office that will allow you to bring you car over to the beach pavilion, its parking lot and the car wash areas across the street. All you need to do is fill out their form and mail (or hand deliver) it to them at least two days before you come to pick up your fob or sticker. (It was a slow day in low season when I went over there and the office manager was able to get me my key fob while I waited.) Please read president Deb’s letter (click here) with the scoop on how to get this done and a downloadable copy of the key fob form! “

In more beach news, the beach parking lot has been nicely refurbished. The lockers have been moved around to the side of the pavilion, and a nice planting has be installed where they used to be. The car wash stations have been reconstructed by the Longboat Harbour folks and the access gates are installed.