Drivers Reminded to Slooooooowwww Down!

Dateline November 10, 2014 – The board has received comments about a few folks driving their cars a bit too fast on the Sutton Place property. There are speed limit 15 mph signs posted around the parking lot, but that speed is a maximum for when the conditions are perfect and no pedestrians are present.

Keep in mind that at 15 MPH, your car is moving at around 22 feet per second and that doesn’t include the time it takes that car to stop after the brakes are applied! If a child darts out in front of your car that’s traveling at 22 feet per second, do you think you could hit the brake pedal fast enough to avoid hitting them? Rather than take the chance, how about slowing down? The board discussed putting speed bumps in the parking lot, but that idea was tabled for now, in favor of asking everyone to please take your time when driving through the Sutton Place driveways and parking areas!