Life Ring Safety Devices Installed at Seawall

Two life rings and safety lines have been installed on the lamp posts on either side of the Sutton Place marina. If you ever need to throw one in an emergency, be sure to straighten out the line so it doesn’t tangle, then slip the loop on the end of the rope around your hand. That way, if a struggling victim pulls hard, they won’t yank the safety line away from you.

Another tip when using a life ring is to either throw the device beyond the person and then pull it to them, or actually bump them with it – since in most cases, a person struggling in the water can’t see the life ring if it lands a few feet away from them. Then loudly yell, “Grab it! I’ll pull you in!” so the victim understands what you are doing.

Please be sure to tell any guests, children etc., that these are not to be used as toys, seat cushions or boat bumpers; they are life saving devices to throw in case someone falls into the water.